in our community

Lunch in schools.


'Lunch in Schools' is an initiative that began when a few of the church businessmen heard about many of the children at one of the local schools going regularly without lunch. While this is a nationwide issue in New Zealand, an opportunity arose to provide a little bit of lunch once a week to a primary school in Taupo.

It’s a little gesture that’s had a great impact for so many at Tauhara Primary School. With a healthy lunch in their tummies, we are helping the children focus on learning - but more importantly, we are helping to put a smile on their faces.

For a few hours a week not only do we serve lunch but we get to connect with the amazing staff, students and teachers at Tauhara Primary.

As our Church expands, it is also our desire to do more projects like this in the community. To find out more, please email us or if you are interested in making a donation towards 'Lunch in Schools' please follow the link below.